Welcome, all, to the official forums guide. In this article we cover a lot of the features which we have in our forums, including customisation of your account and the sections of the forums.

1. Sections of forums/subforums + their uses
2. Account details + customisation
3. Posting
4. Others

1. Sections of the forums
Official CubeCraft Games Newsboard
JAVA EDITION NEWS: Here is your centre-point for all Java Edition updates we release, whether it is a sale, or a whole gamemode, this is the place to check.

BEDROCK EDITION NEWS: Here is your centre-point for all Bedrock Edition updates we release, whether it is a sale, or a whole gamemode, this is the place to check.

OTHER UPDATES: Here is your less important, little update releases area. We put little things, such as competitions, and anything that YOU can get involved with, as well as any notices or warnings we would like to announce.

OFFICIAL RULES: These are the rules. All players must abide by these rules, and are automatically binded to these terms of service, whether you have read it or not. This is to keep the server a child-friendly, attractive community for you. If you find anyone breaking these rules, please report them: https://reports.cubecraft.net. You can also check our rules on https://www.cubecraft.net/rules/

SUGGESTIONS: Ever had that one idea that is stuck in your head that you know would make an amazing game? Or a little vanity item that would add some pizazz to the server? Here is the place to suggest that! Our community and staff will give their opinions on it, to help you morph your game into a work of art!

BUG REPORTS: Found a game-breaking bug in need of a fix? Or found a spelling mistake in a menu? Take a couple of screenshots, or take a video of you recreating the bug, and we will get it fixed!

SUPPORT: Need any help regarding the server? Feel free to create a thread about your queries -- our community members and staff members will be happy to help out!

STAFF APPLICATIONS: This is the area where staff application information and status are shown. If you want to become a developer or designer, check here: https://jobs.cubecraft.net

Game Discussion
LEADERBOARDS: A link to our online leaderboards!

EGGWARS: Talk about our notorious, egg-smashing game!

SKYWARS: Talk about a high-flying, fast-paced and interesting game mechanics in our version of Skywars!

LUCKY ISLANDS: Talk about how lucky you feel in our luck-based game. Feeling lucky?

MINERWARE: Talk about our micro game-madness minigame, a version of "WarioWare"!

PVP: Talk about gameplay in Assassinations or Free-For-All, and flaunt your PvP skills in duels!

FEATURED GAMES: Talk about one of our, constantly changing, featured game!

TOWER DEFENCE: Need some strategies? Check out some tips from the experts here!

PARKOUR: Share your amazing jump skills or talk about that one block that's impossible to reach!

OTHER GAMES: Talk about any other games which has not been aforementioned here.

Community Corner
INTRODUCTIONS: You want to get some community members to notice you? Make a good first impression, and put your own introduction here! Talk about your hobbies, interests and more.

ARTWORK: Need some opinions on some art you have done? Or do you want to create an open request thread for the community? Here's the place to do it!

OFFICIAL COMPETITIONS: All the threads about our awesome official competitions, such as Story Competitions or Selfie Competitions.

COMMUNITY GAMES: Information about our bi-weekly community event! You can find more information on Community Games HERE.

MAP SUBMISSIONS: You can submit your awesome, self-made, map here! More information on submitting a map can be found HERE.

MINECRAFT CREATIONS: Built something you are proud of? Take a couple of screenshots and ask for some criticism!

YOUTUBE: Send your YouTube videos here, and get more publicity here by playing games on our server! Note: Uploading any content that is not CubeCraft related may get your thread deleted.

PLUGINS/CODE: You want to showcase some code you've made? Post it here!

EVERYTHING ELSE: Everything random, off-topic and fun goes here!

Ban Department
REPORTING TUTORIALS AND GUIDELINES: Read these threads here before reporting to have any information that can assist you, or any notices you have missed out on.

REPORT A PLAYER: Click here to go tothe report website!

APPEALS: This takes you to our appeals website: https://appeals.cubecraft.net .

STAFF FEEDBACK: Believe a staff member is abusing their permissions or wanting to make a complaint? (Provide evidence and) Make a thread in here.

2. Account Customisation:​
In here, we will talk about how you can customise your account to your needs to make it as snazzy as you wish!

CHANGE USERNAME: This is the area where you are able to change your username (as long as it isn't taken by someone else). You are able to access this permission once you have hit ten messages on the forums.

PERSONAL DETAILS: This is an overview of different things you are able to do, which will be covered below.

SIGNATURE: This is a place where you will be able to sign off posts automatically, when you post, it will automatically be suffixed.

CONTACT DETAILS: This is where you are able to change your email to your account, and add any social medias you are a part of.

PRIVACY: This is where you are able to change your privacy settings such as online privacy, date of birth privacy, who is able to view your profile, and who is able to send you conversations.

PREFERENCES: Change your timezone, and other notifications.

ALERT PREFERENCES: Change what alerts you are able to receive from messages in a thread, profile post, achievements or articles.

AVATAR: Change your profile picture to anything appropriate, which will be able to be viewed whenever your post something on a thread or profile post. Make it something recognisable!

PASSWORD: Change your password here.

YOUR NEWS FEED: Follow the people you follow's activity here, including likes and profile posts!

INBOX: This is where you send conversations, to send a conversation, you must click "start a new conversation", put in the participants (their forums name), a topic title and your message towards them. Please note that anything bad that is sent may be reported, and may result in a punishment depending on severity.

ALERTS: You will receive an alert for anything you have replied to, whether it is a thread, or a profile post. You are also able to watch a thread or a whole forum by clicking "Watch Thread/Forum".

LIKES YOU'VE RECEIVED: Look at posts liked by your peers here.

YOUR CONTENT: Look at all of the things you have posted on the forums.

PEOPLE YOU FOLLOW: Look at the people you follow.

PEOPLE YOU IGNORE: There is a feature on Xenforo which allows you to ignore someone, and blocks any activity that they do on the forums for your leisure -- they will be viewed in this section. This feature is disabled for a staff member, in case they say something important.

TWO-STEP VERIFICATION (recommended for security measures): This is a very important feature if you wish to keep your account secure. Clicking this will step you up for two-step verification for your forums account. Once you have confirmed your password, you can set up 2-SA to however you like.

3. Posting on the Forums:​
Posting on the Forums:​

Congratulations! You have set up your account to how you want, now to get yourself into the community, you need to start posting.​

To post a message, you simply need to find yourself a thread to send a message to. Browse through our many forums here. Look through our thirty-one different forums, find a thread to post on, and post something as long as it is relevant to the thread!

Please note that any posts that are irrelevant to the topic at hand will be removed, and you will be warned, both verbally and systematically. If continued, you will be banned off of the forums. Staff members will make the final decision on this.

UPLOADING A FILE: When you want to upload a file to the forums, click "upload a file" at the bottom, it should open your file directory, to which you find your file you want to upload (predominantly used for screenshots / pictures). You will be given an option to keep the file there - users will need to click the file to view it, put as a thumbnail - which is a small version of the picture, or as a full image - which is the full resolution as the picture uploaded. Click "preview" at the bottom to look at your masterpiece before posting! Have fun!

4. Others

MEMBER LIST: So, you've been on the forums for a while now, you should be aiming to hit on the member list (found here) now. How do you get on the member list? To get on the list, you need to surpass the bottom of the leaderboards message count or like count. These are all obtained over time, and takes a lot of commitment. Best of luck!

STAFF ONLINE: If you want to quickly locate a staff member for a small question, going to the main forums page, and looking at the right side of your screen (or at the bottom of the page on phones) will show you the current staff team who will be happy to help!

Please ask questions to either a mod or a helper; other staff might ignore you as helping players is not their task.
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