Oh no! Something doesn't seem to be working properly on our server? We would like to know! By submitting a bug report, our development team can take a further look at what problems you or other players are facing. Please read through this article for more information on how to report Java bugs.

To submit a bug report, you will need to have a Reports Account.

Creating Bug Reports

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to create a bug report.

Go to reports.cubecraft.net, our website for Java player and bug reports.
On the main page of the reports website, click on the Game bug reports tab.

Click on one of the + New bug report.

Click on Minecraft.
Type in the title of the bug.
Select the version of Minecraft that you were playing on when the bug occurred.
Link a YouTube video or upload screenshots of the bug. If you are submitting a video, please make sure it is not private.
Tell us where the bug occurred. The more specific the better! (e.g. Lobby, EggWars team spawn, Lucky Islands, etc.)
Tell us how often this bug occurs. Drag the blue dot to select a different option.
Describe the bug! It is important that you be as detailed and specific as you can.
Tell us who this bug affects.
Tell us if you were using any modifications. (e.g. LabyMod)
If you know how, provide step-by-step instructions on how to recreate the bug.
If you know the whereami output, let us know. To do this, type /whereami when you are in-game. It should look something like this:

If you know, tell us what coordinates this occurred at. To do this, simply press your F3 button on your keyboard. The coordinates should show a number for each X,Y, and Z.
If you know, tell us what the voting options were for the game. (e.g. Overpowered, Daytime)
If you received an error message, let us know.
If you know, tell us the date and time of when this occurred.
Tell us what platform you were using.
You just submitted a bug report! If you have another bug to report, you can click the Report another bug button.

Report Status

Once you have submitted your report, it will display its status next to it.

Open: This means that your report hasn't been reviewed by a staff member yet and that they will look into it as soon as possible.
Handled: This means that your report has been forwarded to our development team for further review.
Closed: This means that we could not accept your report. This could be because of multiple reasons that include:
It did not include enough information
Was not able to be reproduced
The bug is already known

Common Issues
Below are common issues that players may think are bugs. Please do not create bug reports for the following topics.

Lost Skyblock Items
After a certain amount of time, items do clear from the ground. This is a vanilla feature and those items include spawners and generators. Unfortunately, due to the number of requests we receive and limited developer time, lost items cannot be given back.

Connection Problems
Sometimes, you might run into some problems when trying to connect to our server. Please head over to the Network Connectivity Test article for more information on how to fix this.

Thanks for helping us keep CubeCraft free of those pesky bugs!
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