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Lobby Games

Are you just waiting around in our lobby? Just chatting away or waiting for a friend to log on? No worries, with our lobby games, you won't be bored. Check out our three lobby games: Lobby Fishing, Relic Hunting, and Chest Chasing.

Lobby Fishing

Have you been looking for a relaxing pastime? Do you need a new hobby in your life? Don’t fear, Lobby Fishing is here! Lobby Fishing is a relaxing game to kill time and have fun. All you need to do is collect your fishing gear from the armour stand, locate a spot of water within the lobby and start casting your fishing rod! As soon as your line looks like it has caught something, reel it in!

The armour stand where you collect your fishing gear - Go catch 'em all!

Here little fishy... I have a treat for you!

Relic Hunting

Ever wanted to be Indiana Jones? Do you enjoy hunting and adventuring? Well Relic Hunting is an adventurous hunting game! As soon as you collect your relic hunting gear from the armour stand, you must hold your shovel and a coloured level bar will appear above your experience bar.

The armour stand where you collect your spade.

This is your Relic Tracker. The brighter the colour gets, the closer you are to finding the relic. The Tracker will change from Dark Red, to Red, to Yellow then to Green depending if you’re walking closer to the relic spot, almost like a game of hotter or colder. If your Tracker states “Relic Located” you’ve found it. Look around from a red 3x3 cross on the ground, when you spot it, dig dig dig!

You're getting warmer... you're getting hot...

...X marks the spot! Now dig...

Chest Chaser

Are you a master Hide and Seek player? Do you think you can find our chest? Chest Chaser is a free for all competitive game for the whole lobby to play. From time to time in the main lobbies, a chest full of goodies spawns but is hidden. You must hunt down the hidden chest before any other players find it. If you find the particle surrounded chest, hit it and you’ll get between 100-250 points, 1-3 cubelets and 200-500 experience.

Start hunting for the chest when you see this message in chat!

The chest should look like this!

Check out what rewards you recieved!
You can only get one hidden chest every 7 days meaning everyone has a chance of finding the chest! For every rank level you have, a day is removed off the waiting time. For example, if you're Stone rank, you need to wait 7 days, but if you're Iron, it's 6 days. And so on with Lapis having 5, Gold having 4, Diamond with 3, Emerald with 2 and Obsidian with 1 day.

Secret Selfies?

If you've been around our main lobby as well as our game lobbies, you'll find selfie areas! Some of them require a bit of walking around and others require some parkour. If you manage to make it to a selfie area, we'd love to see a screenshot of it!

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Updated on: 23/08/2020