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Reporting Players

Thank you for taking the time to report a player breaking the rules! Please read through this article for more information on how to report Java and Bedrock players.

Please refer to our reporting guidelines before submitting a report.

Java Reports

Reports Site

Go to, our website forJava player and bug reports. Make sure you have a reports account.
Click on the button + New player report.
Select an Offence reason that is most accurate to the type of report you are making. It is okay if you do not choose the correct reason - our staff members will issue the proper punishment.
You must always include evidence against rulebreaker(s). Don't forget that for the offences that are listed below, we require video evidence instead of screenshots.
Use of illegal clients
Exploiting/Bug Abuse
Bounty/Kill farming
For all other offences, a screenshot or a YouTube video is enough. If you have a YouTube video as evidence, please also mention any relevant timestamps.
Enter the player's username and make sure it is spelled correctly.
If you have anything extra to add to the player report, you can add that in the extra information box. This last step is optional.

You are now ready to submit the report! A staff member will review it as soon as possible. 🎉

Report Status

Once you have submitted your report, it will display its status next to it.
Open: This means that your report hasn't been reviewed by a staff member yet and that they will look into it as soon as possible.
Handled: This means that your report has been accepted and that the rulebreaker has been punished accordingly.
Closed: This means that we could not accept your report, either because it was incorrect, not convincing or because the player was already punished.

Staff members will give you feedback on every report that you submit. To see the feedback, simply press the username of the player you reported.

✉️ If you would like to get in touch with the staff member who processed your appeal, you can start a conversation with them on the forums.

In-game Java Reports

To report a player in-game, simply type /report <username> reason. You can view all available reasons here:

You can view your report history by clicking the message that appears in chat when you type /report. The Report Status indicates if the player was punished, marked innocent, or if the report expired.

Please note you will need Iron or higher to use the /report command.

Bedrock Reports

Go to the Report a Bedrock Player or Bug forum section on our website.
Click the yellow button labeled POST THREAD at the top right of the screen.
Fill out all the options highlighted in the image below. For your prefix, select Player Report. Include the name of the reported player(s) somewhere in your report. It is preferred if you use the following format:
Report type/rule broken:

Post the thread and you're done! A staff member will review your report as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the way your report was handled, you can message the staff member who processed it by starting a conversation. 🎉

You can also report bugs in this forum. Make sure you choose the prefix Bug Report. You can read THIS guide for more information.

Updated on: 17/08/2021