You just got banned by Sentinel - that's not good!
Just to be sure, your screen should look like this:
If it doesn't, you have not been banned by Sentinel.

How to Appeal
Please appeal on our appeal site, using the appeal code shown on your Minecraft ban screen.

If you do not speak English, make sure to appeal in your native language instead of using tools such as Google Translate.

For a better chance to be unbanned, your appeal should include as many details of the incident as possible. Details such as:
What were you doing on CubeCraft at the time of the punishment?
What Minecraft version were you using?
What Minecraft modifications were you using?' (If any)

Please be patient - asking a staff member to view your appeal will NOT speed up the process.

See a "blocked connection" screen 24 hours after being unbanned? Check out THIS article.
My Appeal was Denied!
If your appeal has been denied and you still do not agree with the decision of the staff member, contact the staff member who denied your appeal through our forums. This can be done by clicking their profile, then using the ‘’Start a conversation’’ option.

If your Conversation was closed and you believe your ban by Sentinel was a false positive, send an email to to see if you can get this corrected.