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Store Bans

If you see this message when trying to purchase an item, then it means you are banned from our Java store.

Why am I banned?

Most store bans occur automatically when you perform a chargeback. Many Minecraft servers use Tebex/Buycraft to host their store, so if a chargeback is performed in one Tebex store, then depending on the policy of other servers, you may be automatically banned from there too. To get unbanned, you will need to contact each individual server whose store you want to use.

Store bans can also occur due to network bans, abuse of our support system, and more.

How can I get unbanned?

If you are interested in being unbanned, please send an email to with the following information:

Your username
Have you chargebacked before on another server?
What server was it, and why did your chargeback? How long ago did it happen?
Did you attempt to resolve your issue with the server's support team before proceeding with a chargeback?

Some store bans are permanent. Please note that messaging us does not guarantee you will be unbanned.

Updated on: 02/03/2023