Make sure to use versions 1.12.2+ when joining our Java server!

Joining a Game
Here at CubeCraft we have a variety of gamemodes that are available to you. To see a selection of our games, simply take a few steps forward from the lobby spawn. Once you get close enough to one of the NPCs, all you have to do is click them to join a game! This is how our spawn looks:

Our lobby does change a few times a year, however, the layout should be similar enough to this photo.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Selecting Maps

The feature to select specific maps to play on becomes available to you with any permanent rank (Iron and above, Plus excluded).
On CubeCraft, some gamemodes will allow you to select maps. The step-by-step instructions below show an example of how to pick a map for EggWars.

Walk to the NPC of the game you wish to play and right-click it.
Hover over the mode you would like to play and right-click the icon.

Look for your favorite map and left-click it to play a game on your desired map.

Sometimes, there will be no available servers for the map you wish to play. You can wait for it to appear or play on another map in the meantime.

Hotbar Navigation

πŸ˜„ Profile
Your profile will be on the first slot of your hotbar. It will show as a copy of your head. When you click on it, the profile menu will appear. Here you can take a look at your achievements, challenges, and settings.

Achievements: Description and rewards of each achievement for every game.
Challenges: Complete daily challenges ranging from easy to hard that give you extra rewards. There are also seasonal challenges, so look out for those!
Settings: Play around with your settings to create the perfect profile. You'll be able to find all the little things you'd like to change here. (e.g. friends, parties, language, etc.)

πŸ“’ Shop
In the second slot of the hotbar, you will see a book. If you click on it, the shop menu for our games (Tower Defense, Lucky Islands, SkyWars & EggWars) will pop up. You'll be able to purchase tower upgrades, kits, and abilities here!

🌹 Loot
In the third slot of the hotbar, you will see a rose. If you click on it, the loot menu will pop up. Can you unlock all the loot? Here, you'll be able to customize how you want to look to everyone else on CubeCraft! For a detailed look at all the loot available, check out this thread here.

πŸ“˜ Updates
In the eighth slot of the hotbar, you will see an enchanted book. If you click on it, a page will pop up. You'll get a small glimpse of our latest server updates.

πŸ“ƒ Lobbies
In the nineth slot of the hotbar, you will see a piece of paper. If you click on it, the lobby switcher menu will pop up. If you hover over the diamond, you'll be able to see which lobby you're in. You can switch to a different lobby by clicking on the beacon.


πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ Friends
Are you popular? Don't worry, we have an awesome friends feature! Use the command /f in chat to see all the things you can do! Here you can check your friends list, see if you have any pending friend requests, and even add players to your list.

πŸŽ‰ Parties
Is everyone asking to play with you because you just dominate? Okay, maybe you just want to play with your friends. Use the command /p in chat to see all the things you can do! Here you can invite others to a party or accept an invite to someone else's party. There are a lot more features to parties, so make sure you check it out!

Changing Language
Step 1. Select "Profile" in the hotbar and click to open the menu.
Step 2. Click on the "Settings" chest icon on the righthand side.
Step 3. Click on the glass panel under the Language you wish to select.

Please note that not all our content is currently translated in to every language that we offer. We're always working to improve this.

Colored Chat
Coloured chat is available to everyone with a purchasable, permanent rank. If you have a stone rank, either with or without a Plus subscription, you will not be able to use coloured chat. In order to colour your message, you will have to put & and a number between 0 and 9 or a letter between a and f in front of your message. Every combination has one colour attached to it.

Adding functions will make your message even cooler. There are five ways to flourish your messages: bold, underlined, italic, strikethrough and obfuscated. To add functions to your message, put & and k, l, m, n or o in front of your message. Once again, every combination has one function attached to it. You can use &r to reset all colours and functions, making it plain white. You can also combine colours and functions! To do this, you will first have to define your colour, then your functions. This is because colour definitions reset all preceding functions.

You can give color to your messages in regular, global, team, friend and party chat. Private messages (using /msg and similar) can not be coloured.

Step 1. Select "Profile" in the hotbar and click to open the menu.
Step 2. Click on the "Settings" chest icon on the righthand side.
Step 3. Click on the glass panel under the Movement feather icon. Red is disabled. Green is Flight enabled.

Flying in lobbies is available with Emerald or Obsidian ranks only.