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What is Passport?

Passport is our login and identity service, that stores all our user's CubeCraft accounts and their relevant links.
The first of our websites to use Passport as their login service are our Forums.
You can find Passport by going to our forums and logging in and going to your Connected Accounts in your account dropdown:

Passport gives you the option to link your Minecraft accounts and your Discord account.
You can link one Discord account, which you can also use to login to your Passport account instead of your username/email and password.

Minecraft Java and Bedrock can be linked too, and as many accounts as you wish.
You can select one account as a primary account per platform.

Rank Synchronization

Passport allows us to synchronize your Java and Bedrock ranks across to Discord.
By linking both a Discord account and any Minecraft account, and selecting the Minecraft account as your primary, your roles will automatically transfer to Discord.

Moderation Tools

The moderation team gets to use a few extra tools Passport provides that helps them help our users faster and more efficiently, and reduces the need for our team to manually find people's accounts themselves. A newly introduced Discord bot, which also does our rank synchronization, can also help our team in Discord by reducing the amount of work that is needed for doing their daily tasks.

Providing more streamlined experiences

With Passport in our tool belt we are now also able to think further than Minecraft itself, and think of experiences we can provide that go into multiple platforms.
Only time will tell what ideas evolve.

Updated on: 30/03/2023