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Common Minecraft Client Issues

CubeCraft Games does not support the use of offline/cracked clients, meaning you will be unable to access our network unless you have an official Minecraft account.
Not Authenticated with
Not Authenticated with

There are a number of reasons why you might receive this error when trying to access our network. The most common way of fixing "Not Authenticated with" error is to restart your client. However, if you are using a cracked/offline client, (including TLauncher) you will always receive this error because you do not own an official copy of the Minecraft game, or own a Minecraft account.

If you are still experiencing this error after restarting your client, and you are using a legitimate account, please contact Minecraft's dedicated support team by going to:

Invalid Session
Invalid Session (Try restarting your game)

Usually this is a rather easy fix, and a quick restart of your Minecraft client will fix the issue as it generates a new token/key allowing you to access Minecraft's multiplayer services. If restarting your client doesn't work, please try relogging into your Minecraft account. Sometimes this error might also show after maintenance to Minecraft's servers "Authentication servers are under maintenance" error.

Out of Memory
Out of Memory/Not Enough Memory

This error will usually show when your device has or is running out of memory to run the game. When you receive this error the best thing to do is to close any applications you might be running in the background to allow Minecraft enough memory to continue running the game. However, if the option is available it will always be a better option to upgrade your RAM on your PC. Upgrading your RAM is a physical task requiring you to buy new RAM online and insert it into you PC.

Updated on: 16/08/2022