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Blocked Connections

Blocked Connections

What is a blocked connection?

Blocked connections have been developed in order to reduce the amount of rule breaking, more specifically cheaters who evade their bans by switching IP addresses. There are two types, which can be distinguished using the error code. Your error code is shown on your screen when you attempt to log into the server. It starts with either a ‘v’ or a ‘c’ followed by multiple digits.

You can find your error code when you log into the server. If you see a different screen, then your connection is likely not blocked. This article may explain why you can't join our server.

Why is my connection blocked?

If your error code starts with a ‘v’, then your connection is not being supported because of a suspicious IP address. This is most commonly caused by using a VPN, but also providers that lower or otherwise alter your IP or ping or any other third party software are being blocked by this protection. These IP addresses are permanently blocked, but know that the block entirely rests on your IP address and not on your account.

If your error code starts with a ‘c’, then your IP address is being blocked by Sentinel, our in-house anti-cheat system. Sentinel will now temporarily block specific connections when an account is caught cheating on it. The duration of the IP block is automatically calculated by Sentinel—based on the amount of other accounts that are associated with the current and previous IP addresses, along with the punishments they have received. The duration of these IP blocks can vary between minutes and months.

Please do not ask team members about the duration of your IP block—this is information we can not provide to you.

How can my connection be unblocked?

If your error code starts with a ‘v’, then you will have to turn off any connection modifiers such as VPN or Proxy services in order to join the network.

If your error code starts with a ‘c’, then you will have to wait for your IP block to expire. You might have been IP blocked because you are trying to access our network on an alt account to bypass a previous punishment, or because someone on your network has been punished by our team. Once the IP block expires, you will be able to join the server. Please do not ask team members to reduce or remove these blocks, as they are handled by an automated system and will not be modified by our team members.

If you were recently unbanned and are still seeing a blocked connection screen (C code only), please allow up to one day for the block to automatically expire..

Team Members (including Customer Support) cannot:

Tell you how long the block will last.
Remove the blocked connection from your account (if beginning with C).
Offer any alternative options to bypass your connection block.

Updated on: 24/02/2024

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