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Contacting Team CubeCraft

When to Contact a Team Member

If your appeal was denied, but you believe you were wrongfully punished or have questions regarding your punishment, please contact the community moderator handling your appeal. If your Sentinel ban appeal was denied, create a conversation under the punishment at for further assistance. In your conversation appeal, it's worth adding the following: Minecraft Platform your were using (Java/Bedrock), Minecraft Version you were on (example: 1.19.1), the Date/Time of Punishment, What were you doing at the time of your punishment and what were you using any mods/clients at the time of your punishment. Plus any addition information to help review your appeal. If your conversation is then denied, there are no more steps for your sentinel ban, it will remain. If the team member is no longer a part of our team, please start a private thread here, and one of our Team Managers or Sr. Moderators will respond soon.

If your appeal was denied and you accept your punishment but it is only temporary, it is discouraged to contact the responsible team member. It is very unlikely that a temporary punishment will be undone before it expires.

If your appeal was denied and you accept your punishment but it is permanent, you are free to contact the responsible team member to discuss a possible unmute or unban. It is very unlikely that a permanent punishment will be undone within one month of it being issued, so it is highly recommended to wait more than one month before getting in touch with the responsible team member.

How to Contact a Team Member

If you need basic team help, such as an answer to your question or solution to your problem, then our Discord server is the place to be. However, when you are looking for a specific team member, it is generally recommended to start a private conversation with them on the forums.

Helpers and Moderators are actively looking and replying in our Discord team help channel. Some helpers and moderators have their private messages on Discord open for everyone; if they do, feel free to leave a message and they will reply as soon as possible. If they don’t, please do not ask them to accept your friend request but use our forums instead.

Members of the Admin Team are less likely to answer on Discord, even after having tagged them, so it is recommended to use our forums when contacting them.

Go to the list of team members.
Find the team member you want to message and click their name.
Click "Start conversation".

Add a title (message subject) and compose your message.

What to Say to Team Members

When starting a conversation with a team member, it is easier for both them and you if you include the answers to these questions in your message.
What is your username?
What is the problem? Please provide a detailed description.
Do you play on Java (PC) or Bedrock (Console) edition?

If you struggle with writing in English, please use your first language instead. We will find a translator to help translate our conversation.

Updated on: 29/03/2023

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