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A guide to Ban Appeals

WARNING: It is not permitted to try accessing our network with a new account while punished (bypassing). Doing so will result in a connection block beginning with the letter C (for cheating bans) or your punishment being extended. For more information please visit

I've been banned, what should I do now?

If you're reading this article then it means you have been punished on our network, or you are curious about our ban appeal process. The screenshot below shows the reason you have been punished from our network, the length of the punishment, as well as a link to our appeals website, and the code you need to use to appeal for your ban.

To appeal for your ban you'll need to head over to and select the version you play (Java/Bedrock). Once you select your version, you'll need to enter your Minecraft username and continue. Your punishment will show the date/time of your ban, and who you were banned by.

You'll now need to click on "Appeal" and enter your appeal code. This is to confirm you are the owner of the account. Never share your appeal code with anyone otherwise they can impersonate you and get you into further trouble. Our moderation team review all appeals on a daily basis.

After you continue, you will be prompted to agree to our terms/rules before creating your appeal. This is to make sure you understand our punishment process including punishment tracks, and also to help you understand the reason for your punishment.

After following the step above you will be brought to the main page where you can appeal for your punishment. Please remember to read all notes fully before starting your appeal, otherwise your appeal might be denied due to lack of details/information. It is best to provide as much information as you can when creating your appeal to help our moderation team and make the process quicker.

If you wish to receive an email once your appeal has been reviewed, please check the "Receive emails if a member of our team replies to your appeal" box, and enter your email address in the email field that will show. You will receive a confirmation email asking you to confirm you want to receive email notifications for our appeals site.

Once your appeal has been successfully created you will be brought back to your appeals page, showing the appeal is under review. This page will update once your appeal has been reviewed and a decision has been made by a member of our team. If you didn't enable email notifications, then it's best to check back every 24 hours to see the status of your appeal.

I was banned by Sentinel, how can I appeal?

If you have been banned by Sentinel, our experimental Anti-Cheat and believe it to have been a mistake you can also appeal for this. Sentinel bans will always show up as Unfair Advantage (Sentinel Automatic Cheat Detection) in your Minecraft client.

Punishment times may vary. For more information please visit

Head to our appeals website and select the platform you play on. You'll need to insert your username before continuing so we can look up your punishment. Your Sentinel punishment will show up as You were banned by cc_sentinel at <DATE> <TIME> for Sentinel caught you cheating! (Anti-cheat), replacing the date and time with the time your punishment was issued.

Just as mentioned above, to appeal you will need to click on the "Appeal" button and follow the steps to create your appeal. Our Sentinel development team or a member of our skilled moderation team will then process your appeal and make a decision.

My Sentinel appeal got denied, what should I do now?

If your Sentinel appeal has been denied, and you believe the punishment was incorrect we'll need you to follow a few additional steps. Go to our appeals site (, enter your username as you previously did on the sentinel appeal and start a conversation. In your conversation appeal, it's worth adding the following: Minecraft Platform your were using (Java/Bedrock), Minecraft Version you were on (example: 1.19.1), the Date/Time of Punishment, What were you doing at the time of your punishment and what were you using any mods/clients at the time of your punishment. Plus any addition information to help review your appeal. Your appeal will be converted into a conversation where you'll speak to an admin about your ban, or your appeal will be denied. If your sentinel conversation is denied, you cannot be unbanned and there's nothing more you can do.

Updated on: 24/02/2024

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