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CubeCraft Rules

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📜 CubeCraft Official Rules📜

The rules of the CubeCraft Network are intended to make all platforms a safe and friendly place for all players. This article is only a general guideline, and the Moderation Team will be allowed to apply punishments as they deem necessary, as well as to forgive on a case-by-case basis. By choosing to use our platforms, you agree to follow these general rules.


✍️Chat Usage
➕Third-party Client Modifications or Addons
🕹️Gameplay Specific
🩳Skin Customization
🗨️Discord Rules
📜Forum Rules

✍️Chat Usage

At CubeCraft, we want all players to be kept as safe as possible. Please make sure to follow all our chat guidelines to ensure everyone has a fun and enjoyable experience across our network. Use chat appropriately and avoid:

Discriminating against other players.
Trolling other users in a way that will damage their gaming experience on the server.
Excessive spamming.
Impersonating a member of the CubeCraft Team or a Partner.
Trading and/or selling goods or services as well as attempting to obtain important personal information.
Advertising of other servers, services and social networks.

➕Third-party Client Modifications or Addons

Do not use mods or clients that give you an advantage over other players. This includes making physical modifications to your mouse to increase your cps. If you do, the moderation team or our anticheat may restrict your access to our server. If you are in doubt about whether a mod IS allowed, please VISIT this page or contact a Moderator.

🕹️Gameplay Specific

In order to keep games fair, please avoid:

Camping, extending games unnecessarily.
Teaming in solo games, or cross-teaming in team games.
Trolling your teammates or other players with the aim of harming their experience on the server.
Abusing bugs or glitches.
Using alternative accounts to gain an advantage in the game, or using them to evade a punishment.
Please avoid sharing your account with others to avoid false punishments for 'bypassing'.

🩳Skin Customization and Usernames

The moderation team may ban your account if they deem your name or skin to be inappropriate or controversial. You may also be banned if your skin is small or noticeably invisible. After changing your skin and submitting an appeal, your ban will be removed.


All Chat rules apply on our Discord channels. In addition to this, please avoid:

Abusing the tickets system or using channels incorrectly.
Annoying (disruptive or inappropriate) behaviour in voice channels.


All Chat rules apply on our Forums. In addition to this, please avoid:

Farming reactions and messages.
Excessive bumping (A bump post is a post that has no content and only serves to bring a thread up to the top of a category or avoid it being closed due to inactivity).
Necroposting (Replying to forum thread that hasn't had any new posts in the last 3 weeks in an attempt to revive them).
Posting inappropriate content. This includes signatures, usernames, and profile sections.
Spamming applications (or threads).

Updated on: 03/05/2024

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