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How do I create a Forum account?

What are the CubeCraft Forums?

The CubeCraft forum is the main place to catch up with all things CubeCraft. Here you'll find everything from announcements about the network including some of our latest updates, behind the scenes secret stuff, suggestions, player reports, competitions, team member applications, and topics about your favourite gamemodes! Having a forum account is required to interact within our forums. Our helpful guide below will teach you through the steps on creating your account.

How do I create an account on the forums?

These steps will require a Passport account. If you don't already have an account you can learn more at How do I create a Passport account?

To start, click on the "Log In" button within the top-right corner of your screen. If you're on mobile, this is shown as a key icon. You will then be redirected to Passport, where you will need to sign into your Passport account. Once you have signed into your Passport account, a new prompt will appear asking if you want to create a new account, or link an existing forum account. Since we are creating a new account, we'll click the "Create a new forum account" option.

After you have been redirected back to our forums, you can then start creating your account. Fill in your desired account details including your username, your date of birth, and your Java or Bedrock username. Make sure to read our terms and privacy policy before clicking on that checkbox and "Register"!

Congratulations, you've now got a forum account! You're free to explore everything that our forums has to offer, as well as reply to other topics, and have your say!

Having issues with your forum account? Rejected for "spam-like" behaviour? Please get in touch with us through our chat widget or email and we'll be happy to help!

Updated on: 21/08/2023

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