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General Help

What version of Minecraft does CubeCraft Bedrock support?

Currently our network supports the latest Non-Beta version of Minecraft. If you are unable to connect due to "Outdated Client", you can update your game through the Microsoft Windows Store, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Nintendo/Xbox/PlayStation Store.

What version of Minecraft does CubeCraft Java support?

Currently our network supports Non-Beta versions of Minecraft 1.19.x and up. You can select your version through the Minecraft Launcher.

I'm receiving an error when I try to join.

We are very sorry to hear about this. Please check this article first. If your problem is not listed, we kindly ask you to get in touch with us via

I've been blocked and it begins with the letter C

Sorry to hear about this. A c-block is fully automatic, and we are unable to say when it will expire. To learn more about this type of blocked connection, as well as V-blocks, please check this article.

Enforcement & Reporting

Can I play CubeCraft with mods?

You can find a full list of our allowed modifications by clicking this link! If your mod is not listed, then it is your own risk if you decide to use it.

How can I report a bug?

If you believe that you are experiencing a bug on our network, please click on me! A bug is basically when something doesn't go as expected, such as a game shutting down, the world not loading, or incorrect messages being shown in chat!

How can I report a player?

There are multiple ways to report a player on our network. If you are a Bedrock user, please click on me! If you are a Java player, you can click on me! Alternatively, you can also report players through our Sentinel Report command. To do this, simply type the /sr command on our network.

I've been banned, how can I make an appeal?

If you believe that your punishment is incorrect, or that you are sorry and you wish to appeal your ban, please click on this link for a guide on how to appeal a punishment on our network.


I've thrown an item into the void on my Skyblock island. How can I get it back?

Unfortunately we are unable to retrieve lost items. If this was an item required for a main quest, then you will unfortunately need to restart your Skyblock island as you will be unable to continue further If you believe that this was a bug please create a bug report by clicking the link here. In order to create a report you will need a forum account.

I think I've beaten a parkour record, how can I check?

We do not keep track of the fastest competition times for our lobby or parkour minigames. If you believe that you have the fastest time you can check a third-party community which rank best Speedrun times.

What is the maximum CPS I can use?

We're sorry but we are unable to disclose any information regarding our CPS limiter. Depending on how fast you click using your mouse, your clicks might be cancelled out or might not register. This is to keep things to a fair advantage for other players on mobile and console devices.

Is drag-clicking bannable?

Drag-clicking, double-clicking, and jitter-clicking methods are all Allowed on our network. You will not get banned for any of the previously mentioned clicking methods. Macros and Mapping your click button to your mouse wheel are Not Allowed on our network, and if caught will fall under our Illegal Client Modifications rule.

Can I use a KeyMapper?

KeyMappers are Not Allowed on our network, and if caught will fall under our Illegal Client Modifications. All players have an equal advantage and chance at defeating eachother thanks to our CPS limiter. This means that the user of a KeyMapper will provide no additional advantage.

Java Store

How can I buy a rank on CubeCraft Java?

You can find all of our Java ranks here!

How can I request a refund for my rank?

As long as your purchase isn't older than 14 days, you can send us an email via and we will happily be able to assist you further.

How can I cancel my Plus rank?

If you wish to cancel your Plus rank subscription, this can be done through the original purchase email, or by contacting us via and providing us with your Transaction ID.

My son/daughter has made a purchase without my permission, how can I reverse this?

We're sorry to hear this! Please email and provide us with the transaction ID. If you don't have the transaction ID available, please provide us with the Minecraft username or UUID the payment was made to.

Bedrock Store

I've accidentally purchased an item, and need a refund

All purchases through our Bedrock store are handled by Microsoft. We are unable to assist you with any issues regarding your Bedrock purchases here. For more information please contact Minecraft's dedicated support team by clicking this link.

When is the next Bedrock sale?

We are unable to discuss any information regarding future store sales or promotional events. Keep an eye on our Twitter or Discord server for the latest announcements!

I've made a purchase on Bedrock and not received any VIP experience

Please make sure that your purchase was not gifted. Gifted ranks (including ranks provided by our team) only provide VXP experience to the original buyer, and not the player they are purchasing the rank for. If you have purchased a rank directly from our store and haven't received any VXP, please contact us via for further assistance.

Updated on: 23/03/2024

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