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How do I create a Passport account?

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What is Passport?

Say hello to Passport, the only account you will ever need to access everything CubeCraft! Passport is your new login for our forums, appeals website, reports website, and more. You can also link your Minecraft and Discord account through Passport to get some pretty cool roles on our Discord server!

Moderation Tools

The moderation team gets to use a few extra tools Passport provides that helps them help our users faster and more efficiently, and reduces the need for our team to manually find a player's accounts themselves. Our Discord bot, which also does our rank synchronization, can also help our team in Discord by reducing the amount of work that is needed for doing their daily tasks.

Providing more streamlined experiences

With Passport in our tool belt we are now also able to think further than Minecraft itself, and think of experiences we can provide that go into multiple platforms.
Only time will tell what ideas evolve.

How to create an account

To begin with head over to and click " Register ".

Do not use a temporary email address for your account's creation as your account may get locked out!

Fill in the details requested below, then press "register" again when you're ready to move on to the next step. Make sure to choose a secure password you'll remember!

After you've input your details and clicked register again, you will be greeted with the screen below. You will now need to link up your Minecraft Bedrock Edition or Java Edition account. To do this you can select either the "Link a Java Account" or "Link a Bedrock Account" buttons. For this example I'm going to link up a Bedrock account. Your code is only available for 15 minutes before it expires, so try and be fast!

To link up a Bedrock or Java account, simply copy the command within the black box on the website. You can then paste this command within your Minecraft client on our network.

Great! You've linked up your account. In order to access Passport, you will need to verify your account. To do this, check the email address you used to register, as there should be a link called "Link to e-mail address verification". Make sure to click it quick, as it expires after 2 days!

Success! Welcome to Passport. This is your main page to see your Passport account and the accounts you have connected to it. You can also add additional accounts such as your Discord account through this panel, as well as change the email address or password to your Passport account, and enable 2-Factor Authentication. You can also create a forum account using your newly created Passport account by following the steps in the article below!

How to create a new account on the forums

Having issues with your Passport account? Please get in touch with our dedicated support team by emailing or by sending us a message through our website chat widget!

Updated on: 21/08/2023

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