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How can I add my child onto my Family account?

These steps need to be completed on your web browser. It is recommended to use a computer or mobile web browser to access Microsoft's website.

How do I add my child to my family account?

In order to proceed with the steps below you must be signed into your Microsoft Family organiser account.

To add someone to your family, click in the large '+' button next to "Add a family member". This will open up a small window allowing you to add your child's Microsoft login email. If your child doesn't have a Microsoft account yet, you can click on "Create an account" located underneath the email/username text box or click this link. Your child's account will then be sent an email requesting verification that you are the parent and you agree to adding the account to your family.

Once this process is done and your child has logged in, you will be able to monitor their screen time, location, as well as set limits on their Xbox account. For more on Xbox Safety check out this article.

Updated on: 29/09/2022

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