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Xbox Family Settings Guide

What are Xbox Family Settings?

Xbox Family Settings lets organisers in the family group manage members' gaming settings and activity on Xbox consoles or Xbox LIVE connected devices. This includes features to help organisers set screen time limits, content filters, and manage how members can play and communicate with other players.

You can download the official Xbox Family Settings app by going to

How can I change my privacy and safety settings?

In order to play with other Minecraft players online, you will need to make sure that your account is set up properly. To do this, head over to this website and sign in with your Xbox Live account.

Family Settings Mobile App

The best way recommended by Microsoft is to download the Xbox Family Settings app. This app is available through the Google Play and iOS stores. Log-in with your organiser (parent) account and select the child you wish to change the settings for. After doing this, select the "Manage Minecraft" option and you will be greeted with the ability to change their Minecraft privacy settings. This includes:

Apply Age Restrictions
See/Upload Community Creations
Enable/Disable their ability to chat in-game
Allow Gameplay (blocks Minecraft)
Allow Multiplayer (allows joining Realms, as well as multiplayer servers within the Featured Server List)
Clubs (allows joining Xbox Clubs)

To enable a settings you will need to press the slider at the right of the screen. A green notification bar will show at the bottom of the screen showing "saved" meaning the changes will take effect as soon as your child next loads up their Minecraft game.

If you see this screen then it means you are unable to change your account's privacy settings, and will need to get the family member who helped to set up your account to enable you access to additional Minecraft features.

Updated on: 28/10/2022

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