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How Do I Block/Ignore Someone?

Ignoring a player on CubeCraft Games

This can be done on both Java Edition and Bedrock versions of our network.
Sometimes players might get annoying or you might want to block someone for not liking your favourite flavour of ice cream. Luckily for you, we have a command for this! When connected to our network, you can run the command /ignore add <playername> to add someone to your ignore list. This will disallow the player to send you friend requests, duel invites or party invites on our network.

You can also remove a player from your ignore list by typing the command /ignore remove <playername>.
To view everyone who you have ignored you can type the command /ignore list.

If commands aren't your thing, simply right-click on a player and select "Ignore <playername>".

Blocking a player on XBOX Live

There are multiple ways to block someone in XBOX Live. This can be done from both the server and the Xbox App.

Blocking in-game

To block someone in-game, select their GamerTag/username from the list at the right corner of your screen. A new window will then open up allowing you to add them as a friend, mute, or block them on Xbox Live. Muting and blocking someone on Xbox Live will not stop you from seeing their messages on our network. Blocking a player on Xbox Live will mean they are unable to message you through the Xbox Live ecosystem or invite you to games/group conversations.

If someone is harassing you and you don't feel safe please follow the steps at to create a player safety report. If you believe you are in danger in real life contact your local authorities immediately.

Blocking a player through the Xbox App/Client

If you are not in-game or unable to access Minecraft but still want to block someone, this can still be done easily through the Xbox Live mobile app and Windows 10 app. Search for the name of the user you wish to view. Their profile will show up in a list which shows everyone on Xbox with a similar name. To block someone, after clicking their profile you will notice 3 options in the top right corner. Select "More" and you will be given the option to block or mute the player, or report them to Xbox Live.

Updated on: 29/09/2022

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