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How can I Boost my Skyblock island?

What are Optimizers?

In order to access our Skyblock Hub, You will need to complete the first islands quests.

Optimizers allow you to speed up the process in which an item grows on our Skyblock gamemode. They can be used on a bunch of different items like crops, ore generators, and trees. The optimizer NPC can be found within our Skyblock Hub. When you use an optimizer, depending on the item you activate it for, it will give a boost to those items for a small period of time. You can choose from boost level 1 all the way to boost level 7 on all eligible items.

How can I activate a Boost?

Boosts will cost you a mix of various items. These include:

Seeds for Farming/Crop Boosts
Saplings for Tree Growth Boosts
Ores for Generator Time Boosts

Activating a boost is rather easy! Make sure that you have enough of the desired item required for the boost level you are after. Once you have enough of the item, level the boost level and a confirmation message will pop up.

Where can I see how many boosts I have active?

Once you have activated your boost, you can see any active boosts you have by going to the Optimizer NPC located in our Skyblock hub.

Updated on: 15/03/2023

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