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How can I unlock the Nether in Skyblock?

What is the Nether Dimension?

In our Skyblock gamemode, the Nether is a series of islands where you can unlock new items and materials to help complete quests. You will be able to gather all-sorts of resources from blaze rods, to magma-cream. Gathering items from the Nether will eventually be used to unlock the End dimension, coming soon to our Skyblock gamemode!

How can I unlock the Nether?

In order to unlock the Nether, you will first need to complete all main quests in the Overworld, and collect the required items. All main quests are highlighted in yellow text through your "Quests" menu.

Once you have everything, a new button will appeal in the Nether menu (Nether NPC) allowing you to unlock the Nether on your Skyblock profile!

In the Nether you will find a total of 4 islands. These will need to be unlocked by completing quests and progressing through the map.

Congratulations! You just unlocked the Nether Dimension! :D

Updated on: 02/03/2023

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