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How do I play Battle Arena?

What is Battle Arena?

Battle Arena is one of our most popular PvP minigames! This game features a selection of modes including Duels, Game Duels, and Free For All. In Duels, you can battle it out with up to 4 friends, in your own private arena! Select a number of different kits (Battle Arena Rank Required) or let us choose for you!

Free For All

Are regular duels too boring for you, and you want to show off your PvP skills? Look no further, as Free For All will let you do just that! Head over to our Free For All NPC to join a Free For All map. Our maps have plenty of places to roam about, fight, explore, and practice your aim, with some allowing up to 60 players!. Head into a map, select a kit and show everyone who is the PvP Master!

Battle Arena Ranked players can also select the map and spawn location of their choice!

Game Duels

Looking to battle a friend 1v1 in one of our popular minigames? Now you can! Head over to the Game Duels NPC in our Battle Arena lobby, and select from 5 of our most popular game-modes to battle it out with your friends! This gamemode currently only supports 1v1. All game duels game-modes can be found in each minigame lobby, as well as through our Battle Arena NPC.

Battle Arena Ranked players will also get to vote in Game Duels, allowing you to customise the game!


If minigame battles aren't your thing, you can always stick with a classic favourite. Duels allows you to battle players or your friends using pre-made kits selected by us. We have a wide variety of kits for PvP'ers of all skills including archery, sword fighting, and potion throwing.

Updated on: 07/03/2023

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