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How do I play Minerware?

What is Minerware?

Minerware is an original gamemode created by CubeCraft Games. Players will play a selection of microgames in order to earn points and become the winner! There are multiple unique microgames selected at random, and Minerware ranked players can even add Premium games into the mix! There are a total of 14 rounds, with a Boss Game for the 15th. At the end of all 15 rounds the player with the most points is declared the winner!

Instructions for each microgame can be found in your Minecraft chat, and are available before the microgame begins.

What Microgames are available?

There are a large variety of microgames available including:
Hot Potato
Shoot The Creeper
Platform Plummet
Hole in The Wall
Mushroom Parkour
Cook's Request
Shear The Sheep
Fight & Sleep
Butterfly Catch
Dodge The Anvils
Nerd Pole
Ignite The TNT
And so many more!

Premium Microgames

Do you have our Minerware Rank? If the answer is yes, then you can also vote for exclusive Premium microgames! These are newer microgames with new obstacles and tasks! Castle Clash, Escape The Pig, and Cross The Road, are just 3 of the many Premium microgames available! Our Minerware rank also comes with 3 new trails, prefixes and 2 new cages!

Updated on: 26/03/2023

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