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How do I play Capture The Flag?

How to Play

In Capture the flag the aim of the game is to run over to the enemy's base and steal their flag. Your team colour can be determined by the coloured blocks in your inventory. You can use blocks to help barricade the enemy, or protect your flag. You will also receive:

Stone tool set (pickaxe, axe, sword)
30 arrows
8 wood logs.

Before the game begins, there is a grace period of 20 seconds, which gives you time to protect your flag, or start planning with your team on your strategy. Once the 20 seconds are up, the wall in the middle will fall and the chase is on! Iron is available in some of our Capture The Flag maps which regenerates over time, meaning you can craft armour to help increase your strength! The first team to collect 3 flags from the opposite team wins the game and is declared the winner!

Some maps also have powerups, including haste, strength, and speed. These will last a short time period after being collected, and benefit your whole team.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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