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How do I play SkyWars?

How do I play SkyWars?

SkyWars is one of the most popular minigames across Minecraft, which has multiple variants and ways to play the minigame. Your main task as a player is to collect items from random chests dotted around the map, and slowly get better tools and armour to become the last player standing at the end of the game. On CubeCraft, you can choose from:

SkyWars Solo (Fight against everyone alone)
SkyWars Duos (Fight with a friend) [Not available on Java]
SkyWars Teams of 4 (Fight with a group of friends) [Not available on Java]
SkyWars Mega (Fight as a team) [Not available on Java]
SkyWars Chaos (Words cannot explain just how chaotic this gamemode is!) [Not available on Java]

Our SkyWars minigame comes with a twist. Compared to the original, you have the chance to find rare and unique items in chests! The items below will rotate at random, and change every few hours. You can find out which Featured Items are active in your game by selecting the calendar in your hotbar! These Featured Items include:

STAY BACK SWORD: A wooden sword which can knock the enemy back quite a distance!
Limited to 15 swings before it breaks!

TOMMYHAWK: Iron Axe with Knockback, has 6 uses
Limited to 6 swings before it breaks!

TOUCH OF FIRE BOW: Bow with a fire arrow enchant, shoots 15 fire arrows
Shoots 15 arrows before it breaks!

SWORD OF RICHES: Some say this ancient golden sword has the power of fire deep within!
Limited to 5 swings before it breaks!

ONE PUNCH BOW: A bow that shoots arrows with one powerful punch!
Shoots 5 arrows before it breaks!

WINGS OF AN ANGEL: An Elytra with 5 seconds of flight time

YEE TNT: Throwable TNT that can be used as a ranged attack!

POTION OF CLOAKING: Sneak up on the enemy! Be careful though, as this item only lasts 15 seconds!

ENDERPEARL OF RISK: An Enderpearl where you land with half a heart no matter the distance. Best make sure you have good aim!

Featured Items rotate at random. If you cannot find an item available, this means it might not be in rotation during your time of play.

Updated on: 15/03/2023

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