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A guide to VIP Levels

How do VIP levels work?

If you're looking for ways to show off, VIP levels are the way to do it! VIP levels work by purchasing CubeCraft content through the Minecraft Marketplace and CubeCraft Marketplace on Bedrock Edition. You can earn VIP experience (VXP) allowing you to level up and unlock new and exciting VIP Level rewards! These rewards include trails, backgrounds, win effects, access to gamemodes, and more!

How many levels are there?

There are up to 30 VIP Levels to unlock, each with their own unique rewards! To view these head over to the VIP Level area in our lobby and select the level you want to view the rewards for! 👀

Can I gift VIP Experience to friends?

At this time it is currently not possible to gift VIP experience to friends. You can gift your friends ranks and bundles however any VIP experience earned will go to you as the purchaser.

SPOILER ALERT! Rewards listed below

What can I earn by levelling up?

VIP Level 1
VIP Level 2
Red, and Lime border
Bronze Border
5 Party Slots (one more than default!)
15 Friend Slots!
VIP Level 3
15 Username Colours
Leaves win effect
SkyWars Chaos Access!
Smoke & Blue Backgrounds
Green & Yellow Borders
20 Friend Slots!
VIP Level 4
Robot Buddy
Gold & Aqua Backgrounds
Pink Border
6 Party Slots! (+2 from Level 2!)
25 Friend Slots! (+10 from Level 2!)
VIP Level 5
Yellow & Pink Backgrounds
Red Border
30 Friend Slots (+5 from Level 4!)

Want to find out more? The full reward list can be found on the server!

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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