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The Bedrock Lobby

Welcome to CubeCraft!

The lobby is the first place you and your friends will join on our network, so it has to give great first impressions! Our lobbies are custom built by our design team, so you might find lots of hidden areas to explore including selfie spots! Each bedrock edition lobby has it's own parkour, can you reach the top?

When you join our lobby, you will be greeted with a view similar to this. In this view you will see several items in your hotbar, as well as a selection of different minigames in front of you. Each item in your hotbar represents a different menu, these menus can help you navigate across the server, add friends, create parties and personalize different effects with loot! 🎁

🎮 Minigame Selection

By clicking or holding down on the Travel Controller (1st item in hotbar), you will open up our games menu. Here you can find all the minigames that we have to offer! By tapping/clicking on the minigame you want to play, you will be automatically teleported into that minigame's lobby, where you can tap on the game's NPC, or run through the portal to be teleported into the game!

🎁 Loot Menu

The loot menu can be found by holding down or right-clicking on the Treasure Chest (2nd item in hotbar). This will bring up a menu allowing you to view our content packs, or select between Game Loot and Lobby Loot, showing you all the current available customizations that you have unlocked. These can range from kill effects, prefixes, trails and more! You can purchase certain marketplace items including ranks to increase your VIP level and unlock more loot!

You can find out more about how VIP levels work and how to purchase items here!

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Social Menu

Your social menu is the best way to find your friends across the CubeCraft Games network! By right-clicking/tapping on the Speech Bubble (3rd item in hotbar) to open up the menu. You will then get to choose between four options... Friends, Parties, Profile, and Ignore.


Your profile will show you a lot of useful information, such as your game statistics for each gamemode and main CubeCraft settings. You will also be able to change your profile loot including borders, background and username colour.


Through our friends menu you can manage your friends, add new friends and see how many friends you have. If you have any pending friend requests, you will also be able to accept them here!


You can create parties and accept party invites through this menu. If you prefer to add players to your party while you are in a game, you can always type the command "/p help" for a list of all our party commands.

Looking to find all our Bedrock commands? Click on me!

Updated on: 12/03/2023

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