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Why can't people see my messages?

If other players cannot see your chat messages, there are three reasons for this:

1. Communication Suspension by Team CubeCraft.

If, when sending a message in the chat, you receive an alert informing you that your message could not be sent because you have an active punishment, this means that your chat permissions have been revoked by a member of Team CubeCraft.
(Appeal code might be different)
You can always appeal your mute and any other punishments at:

2. Communication Suspension by Mojang Studios.

If you have not received an official mute from a member of our team and still seem to be experiencing issues with friends or players being unable to see your messages, it might be because you have been temporarily muted by Mojang's automatic filter or in rare cases by Mojang Studios staff. Team CubeCraft are unable to assist with this kind of punishment as it has not been issued by any of our team.

Keep in mind that spamming things in chat (such as the alphabet) will not result in your shadow mute being removed - this is against CubeCraft rules, will worsen your Xbox reputation, and can actually cause the shadow mute to be extended, or even made permanent. Communication suspensions will follow you through Realms and Featured Servers. The best way to remove this kind of punishment is by improving your chat behaviour when interacting with players.

3. Incorrect Xbox Live Privacy/Chat Settings

Communication suspensions issued by Mojang are separate from Xbox privacy/chat settings, which can also prevent you from seeing chat or sending messages.
If you think you have set your Xbox Live privacy/chat settings incorrectly you can change them here:

Updated on: 11/09/2021

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