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How can I create a party?

Our Party System 🎉

Minigames are always better with friends, which is why we have a built-in party system that will allow you to play with your friends! You can invite your friend in multiple ways such as right-clicking or tap-holding on their avatar, through our friends menu, or by typing the command /p add <playername> replacing <playername> with the name of your friend! Once your invite has sent your friend will receive the message below, and be given the choice to accept or deny your request.

If you or a friend wishes to join a party, you can type the command /p accept <playername>, once again replacing <playername> with the name of your friend. This will accept the party invite and you'll be in a party!

Once in a party Party Chat will automatically be enabled. This is a private chat between you and any other party members.

How can I disable invites?

If you're getting too many invites, or don't want to be sent party invites anymore, you can turn these off in your profile settings. To do this go to Settings (9th item in your hotbar). In your settings you will see a slider to toggle party requests/invites, allowing them from everyone, friends, or nobody. Once you have selected the desired setting make sure to scroll down to the bottom and hit "submit" to confirm the changes.

Why can't I join solo minigames as a party?

During the creation of our party system we decided not to allow players to join solo matches. This is to avoid players in parties from teaming within our solo minigames. You can still join with your party in any of our team minigames as long as you don't have too many members for that team minigame. If you're a Partner and need to join solo minigames with the intent of creating content, you can apply for our partner programme at and bypass this safety/security feature.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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