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How can I gift a rank to my friend? 🎁

Gifting Ranks 🎁

How very generous of you to gift a rank/bundle to someone, we appreciate your kindness! Around our lobbies you will find an NPC in the shape of a Gift Box like the image below. Head over to this NPC and click/tap on them to open up our Gift Menu!

You will then be greeted with out Gift Menu. Here, you can Buy Gifts, and view your Gift Inventory which will contain any gifts that you have. From the Gift Menu.

Buying Gifts

To buy a gift, you will need to select one of the ranks/bundles on offer. You will then be redirected to the Minecraft Marketplace, to complete your purchase. Once the purchase is complete, you will receive a message in your chat, as well as find your new gift inside of your gift inventory, where you can choose to send it to a player, or keep it for future use.

Gift Inventory

Here you can assign a gift to a friend/player of your choice. Make sure their username is correct before sending their gift, as this cannot be changed once the gift has sent! The player/friend you send the gift to will then need to access their Gift Menu to see what gifts they have available. They will be given a choice to accept the gift, which will give them the gift, or to refuse the gift, which will send it back into your Gift Inventory.

By gifting a rank/bundle you will be sending just the rank/bundle to the player. They will not receive any VIP experience from accepting the gift.

Updated on: 12/03/2023

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