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Java Store FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Multipliers be back?

Multiplier Boosters are set to make a return in the coming month. Keep checking our socials for updates!

Can I still purchase lifetime ranks in the store?

It is no longer possible to purchase lifetime ranks on our store as we have moved to a new subscription-based style of rank. This might change in the future, but at this time we have no plans on reverting our store.

Lifetime Rank & Subscription Questions

What happened to my lifetime rank?

Lifetime ranks have been upgraded to our new system. Lapis, Gold and Emerald are no longer available. If you had a lifetime rank and got upgraded you will not be charged monthly. If you purchase a new rank from our store (subscription based) then you will be charged and your lifetime rank will NOT be removed.

Can I pay using iDEAL?

Yes. When you enter the checkout, make sure to select TRUSTLY. Trustly has the ability to connect to your iDEAL account and finalize your purchase. Trustly can also connect to other bank accounts. For a full list please visit

If I have an active lifetime rank, can I buy a new rank and keep my lifetime benefits?

If you have a lifetime rank, your rank will continue to stay active along with all your previous benefits after your subscription rank expires.

What happened to my Lapis, Gold, or Emerald rank?

With our new store we have decided to limit the amount of ranks on our network to clean things up a bit. The table below shows which rank you will have if you have been upgraded/downgraded. Iron rank now has all Lapis benefits, and anything above has all Diamond and Obsidian rank benefits. For example I purchased Emerald rank and was promoted to Obsidian rank. I now have all Obsidian rank benefits. You can find a full list of your new (lifetime) perks at Please see below about subscription rank benefits.

CubeCraft Rank Changes (Old Rank ➡️ New Rank)
Iron Rank ➡️ No Change
Lapis Rank ➡️ Iron Rank (Lapis rank perks merged)
Gold Rank ➡️ Diamond Rank
Diamond Rank ➡️ No Change
Emerald Rank ➡️ Obsidian Rank
Obsidian Rank ➡️ No Change

What extra benefits do I get for subscribing to a rank?

Iron Rank 30-daysDiamond Rank 30-daysObsidian Rank 30-days
Monthly CubeletMonthly CubeletsMonthly Cubelets
Double Jump in LobbiesDouble Jump in LobbiesDouble Jump in Lobbies
Elytra in LobbiesElytra in Lobbies
Lobby Join Announcements
Username Emotes
Bold Usernames
All Bundles

For a full list of all our rank benefits please visit

How can I unsubscribe?

If you have an active subscription and wish to cancel, you can do this through the original purchase email, or by getting in touch with our sales team. This can be done by emailing along with your transaction ID.

Updated on: 02/01/2024