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Performing a Traceroute

Please only follow the instructions on this page when asked to by our Support Team
On Windows:
Download WinMTR from
Right click WinMTR and 'Run as Administrator' - Ensure you allow this program through any firewalls/anti-virus programs to access the internet.
Enter into the 'Host' box and click 'Start'.
Allow this to send approx. 100 packets for a thorough testing, then click 'Stop'.
Press the 'Export as TXT' button, save this to desktop or somewhere you can find it on your computer.

On Mac:
Install homebrew, you can find instructions here:
Open a terminal (Using the search function found in the top right hand corner)
Run brew install mtr - this will install the mtr software.
Enter the following command: sudo /usr/local/sbin/mtr -rwbc 100
You will be asked to enter your password for your Mac. This is normal.
Wait about 2 minutes for it to complete.

On Linux:
Install mtr trough your package manager.
Run the following command, preferably as root: mtr -rwbc 100
Wait about 2 minutes for it to complete.

Updated on: 18/12/2020

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